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Our first choice for Soulweaver is mostly based on personal preference and different play styles will benefit more from different choices.

Essence of Time: This is our first and only major choice when it comes to play style of Soulweaver. Essence of Power can also be used and you will see similar results assuming you maximize it’s use by utilizing At-Wills to trigger it’s effect. Choosing Essence of Power will provide a more active play style, where as Essence of Time provides a more passive route.

Soul Reclamation: Soulweaver healing is more about managing our Soulweave resource than managing our cooldowns. This feat helps us regenerate Soulweave when we get low, meaning we can cast more healing spells, which means more healing.

Soultheft: Again, more Soulweave regeneration. The Alternative is an increase to outgoing damage which doesn’t matter for an almost pure healing class like Soulweaver.

From the Brink: This feat drastically increases our healing to targets at low health which is always awesome.

Feypact: Typically Feypact is more useful. The additional HoT on heals means that we can save Soulweave by not having to cast as many spells to heal and traditionally Soulweaver Warlocks aren’t used for shields in Trials like ToMM and Zariel. Sometimes however if you aren’t running with a Paladin or a Cleric who’s shielding it would be better to run Hellpact to grant everyone some shielding. This is basically the only time where we would use Hellpact however.


Below is what I recommend using for most fights as a Soulweaver. I will list some alternatives and potential alterations to your main rotation and why you would use them below as well.

Encounter Powers:

Soulstorm: An excellent AoE HoT that has a great healing magnitude and a solid heal over time magnitude. It’s range isn’t amazing and many times in fights you will have to heal party members who aren’t standing inside the AoE separately, but Soulstorm does a great job at keeping anyone inside it’s AoE alive.

Pillar of Power: An Outgoing Healing buff for you, an outgoing damage buff for your DPS, and an incoming damage reduction for everyone Pillar of Power is a very strong buffing skill for anyone standing inside the green circle. There are some alternatives you can run instead of this, but dropping this on your melee DPS and Tank is a very strong buff that both increases their damage output, and makes your job easier by reducing their Incoming Damage and increasing your Outgoing Healing.
Note: For certain fights you will need to cleanse debuffs from your party members. You should swap Pillar of Power for Vampiric Embrace in these scenarios.

Revitalize: A strong and spamable (at a high cost) AoE heal that increases in magnitude the fewer targets you hit with it. This makes it very versatile, allowing you to use it to both spot heal a single target who’s taking a lot of damage and heal multiple targets (albeit at a lower magnitude) with the same skill.

Class Features:

Soulbond: Extra decent magnitude heal that’s automatically used on targets who fall below 50% health. This is really good at immediately healing a target who takes a high damage attack and helps stabilize your party automatically.

Shadow Walk: The movement speed bonus from this skill is nice and it’s additional 2.5% Critical Strike helps us hit our Cap for Critical Strike, since many of our ways to stack Critical Strike like Companions and Gear have to be used to stack OGH and Power.

– or –

Swift Command: You can swap Shadow Walk for Swift Command if you prefer additional mobility while channeling, but you lose the Critical Strike bonus and the benefit from using Swift Command diminishes as you learn fights and better positioning.

At-Will Powers:

Eldritch Blast: This is our main way to trigger Essence of Power if we picked that feat, since all of our other powers are pure healing. Eldritch Blast is still good to have to fill time when your party doesn’t need additional healing even if you’re not using Essence of Power however, so regardless of your feat choice Eldritch Blast is useful.

Soul Reconstruction: A single target relatively low magnitude healing skill that can be cast on yourself. The main benefit to this is that it has almost no cooldown, allowing it to function as an emergency single target heal should your other skills be on cooldown. It’s Soulweave cost can be expensive if you channel it for a long period of time so while it has it’s uses it’s not something that we use often.

– or –

Infernal Barrier: You can swap Soul Reconstruction for this if you prefer to shield. It can be hard to get on multiple targets since the targeting can be weird.

Daily Powers:

Soul Barrier: This is a very important daily for the damage mitigation since damage mitigation is useful in everything from LoMM to Zariel. It also heals in addition to the damage mitigation making it an awesome daily power that never leaves our bar.

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