Your race choice is very important in Neverwinter.

Each race excels at buffing a specific stat and your race choice is best utilized as a way to help push you towards your desired stat caps. Down below I’ll detail why you would pick each race and my personal choice but remember that what race is best for you is ultimately determined by what stats you need!

Gith(My Choice):

The Gith, while in a stalemate with Dragonborn for Neverwinter’s “Ugliest Race” award, get a nice 5% bonus to Combat Advantage which is definitely impactful considering we can struggle to cap our Combat Advantage.

Ability Score Bonuses: + Dexterity, + Intelligence


Tieflings are an interesting alternative. Their ability score bonuses means you get a bonus to Forte, rather than Critical Severity like every other “META” choice. Their bonus damage to targets below half health works very well for bosses or long fights but obviously suffers when clearing trash or in AoE fights. I would pick Tiefling if I were Min/Maxing for Single Target Damage and knew I didn’t need the extra stat bonuses another class could give.

Ability Score Bonuses: + Charisma, + Intelligence

Dragonborn(Metallic Ancestry):

Dragonborn is a good choice for a character that is not yet min/maxing. While leveling and long into gearing the bonus Critical Strike and Power will be useful, but their value diminishes as you get gear that will give you those stats. Their racial bonus is a constant bonus of 3% Power and Critical Strike meaning that unlike the Tiefling they can excel at both AoE and Single Target fights evenly.

Ability Score Bonuses: + Intelligence, + Dexterity

Sun Elf:

Sun Elf is easily the worst out of the four main choices, but it can be the best looking in my humble opinion. That being said, their ability score bonuses line up very well. Unfortunately, their racial abilities are mostly useless. The extra 5% AP generation can be impactful but 10% control resistance is almost entirely wasted on a warlock. Such is the price of vanity.

Ability Score Bonuses: + Intelligence, + Dexterity

All Ability Score points should be put into Dex/Int:

As you level you get Ability Score Upgrade Points and all of these should be put into Dexterity and Intelligence. Dexterity contributes to our Crit Severity and is crucial for any DPS class, increasing the damage of our Critical Hits. Intelligence is important for Warlocks buffing our Magic Damage output.

Note: Late game after getting close to Critical Severity Cap it is possible that an INT/CHA build for the extra Forte will do more damage than an INT/DEX build, but the difference would be incredibly small, only a couple percent either way, and you would need to be Capped on Critical Severity which you probably will not be able to do until you approach Best in Slot.

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