Summoned Companion: Xuna

Xuna is currently selling for over 5 Million AD on PC and there are very good reasons for her to be that expensive. She does the most AoE damage out of any companion by far, and with the era of the Augment Companions over it’s all about how much DPS you can get your companion to pump out.

Important! This was taken from a Solo VT run so my stats are scaled WAY down! The important thing to see here is that Xuna is dealing ~20% of my total outgoing damage on her own.


Cold Iron Warrior: This companion shreds single target DPS and it’s price reflects that. This is another very expensive companion, but it is very strong, stronger than Xuna in some fights.

Air Archon: Relatively cheap compared to Xuna or the CIW, you can grab an air archon which is currently the second best Single Target DPS companion in the game.

If you’re looking for even more alternatives you can click here to see a fantastic document made by Aragon detailing the single target damage output of almost every companion! Of course, single target damage will not give you the full picture, so remember that DPS listed on this chart is exclusively Single Target and not AoE damage.

Companion Powers:

When it comes to companion powers there are some must haves, but it’s not going to be stock standard for every build. Depending on your race choice, current gear, boons, ect. you will have a different value for you stats than I do, and your companions powers should ultimately be used to push you ever closer to those stat caps!

With that being said, Must haves include:


ith a “dangerous enemy” scaling from 5.6% at it’s lowest to 8.6% at it’s highest. The more powerful the enemy, the higher this bonus. For a Defensive Power this is super strong, since most Defense Powers focus on either raw stats which aren’t as useful as a percentage increase, or defensive bonuses.


The Batiri‘s Offense Power increases your damage dealt to bosses by 11% at maximum. this is a huge buff and it’s spot on this list is obvious. Now, you could swap this out for a more AoE focused companion between bosses to get more Damage output, but I don’t usually bother.

Other Companions:

What you use from here becomes somewhat circumstantial depending on the stats that you need. Wild Hunt Rider and Staldorf are excellent sources of Combat Advantage. Cambion Magus and Razorwood are good sources of Accuracy and Critical Severity. Siege Master is a very strong buff to your At-wills, and Netherese Warlock provides a great flat damage bonus to enemies who aren’t facing you, making it another great choice for bosses.

In case you’re still looking for ideas on what you should be using, I’m currently using this setup. Keep in mind this setup WILL CHANGE when I get my Best in Slot gear.

Companion Equipment:

Runestones: 6x Indomitable Runestones

The idea here is to buff up Xuna as much as possible. Indomitable Runestones in an offense slot give a flat bonus damage to companion damage output, and a little bit of Combined Rating as a bonus. We also run 3x Warlord’s Inspiration mount bonuses for the same reason, but I will cover that in a different section.

The Best companion Equipment is a set made from gear from turning in [Shattered Diamonds] in Sharandar and from Sharandar’s Bounties. I have been told that the gear from the Diamonds has an incredibly low drop rate though, so I have put together an alternative set using exclusively Bounty gear, which sacrifices as little as possible.

Best Setup:

The best setup is as Follows:

Silver Talisman of the Companion:
Glistening Grimoire of the Companion:
Glistening Sword Knot of the Companion:

This setup maximizes the Accuracy and Combat Advantage bonus we get from our companion gear, giving us if we include the Combined Rating:
Accuracy: 6,435 with CR
Combat Advantage: 6,435
(Critical Strike: 3,510)*
(Critical Severity: 3,510)*
*I’m including Critical Strike and Critical Severity to make comparison between the two sets easier since we still get Crit Strike and Crit Sev from the Combined Rating.

Alternative “Bounty Only” Set:

Using this set we sacrifice some of our vital Accuracy and Combat Advantage to make the set a little easier to obtain. The set is as follows:

Silver Talisman of the Companion:
The Guiding Light’s Talisman of the Companion:
The Forest Lady’s Icon of the Companion +3:

While this set is statistically not as good as the one above it, it’s still a very strong setup and gives us a lot of our most valuable stats. Including Combined Rating the stat totals are listed below to help with comparison:
Accuracy: 5,460
Combat Advantage: 5,460
Critical Strike: 5,460
(Critical Severity: 3,510)

*I’m including Critical Severity to make comparison between the two sets easier since we get Crit Sev from the Combined Rating.

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