Boons are extremely important in Neverwinter and provide permanent bonuses for completing campaigns. Maxing out how many boons you have will take months or work, but its worth it. I currently have every boon except for the new Sharandar campaign, but I plan to update this section when I have all boons.


Master Boon:

Deathly Rage helps us continue to inch closer to our Combat Advantage Cap as well as some Power and Critical Severity although these are much less valuable. That being said, I haven’t had a chance to test Blood Lust to see if it deals enough damage to outweigh the addition CA.

Boons to Prioritize:

While gearing you wont have access to all boons right away. I would strongly recommend prioritizing the Power boons (Squire’s Training, Knights Training, ect.) and any other stats you need to hit the stat caps listed in the Gear tab of this guide. Demonic and Undead Mastery are also boons I would recommend prioritizing early. Remember not to neglect defensive stats either unless you like laying on the floor shouting for help.

Guild Boons:

Guild boons are less powerful than they have been in the past but they are still important in getting you to those caps.

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