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[MOD 21] Last Update: August 19th, 2021

Please note that my gear in this picture it NOT best in slot. I am still missing some gear from 3 star hunts. I talk about what IS best in slot in the gear section.

This website is still under construction, it is mostly complete except for a few minor adjustments and the Soulweaver tab, which is coming soon! Please be patient!

My name is Charisma and I have played Neverwinter since the end of Mod 4. The game has changed a lot over the years, but recently I feel it’s had a lot of changes for the better. The new stat changes and level squish, while controversial, is a step towards keeping Neverwinter around for many more expansions to come. That being said, with a complete stat overhaul comes a complete overhaul of our Min/Maxing, and it’s more important than ever that you understand exactly what your stats mean, their priority, and how to cap them. Lucky for you, I cover all of that in detail in this handy guide.

Please note that over the next coming weeks I will be updating this guide and making adjustments to the build as I test possible gear alternatives and replacements. This guide is a living thing, and it changes and evolves with whatever I find to give us the most damage output possible. With that said, please check back often for possible updates and changes and be sure to do your own testing! I will include a section on how to install ACT (a combat log parsing program) that can break down for you in great detail exactly how much damage all of your powers are doing, and when.

So, Why Play a Warlock?

Warlocks in general have been a very volatile class in Neverwinter’s history seeing the highest highs and lowest lows while almost never working as intended. That being said, the class is in a much better spot right now. A vast majority of bugs have been fixed and after a couple major reworks the class is in a good spot. While I personally wouldn’t argue that warlocks are the best raw damage output, I know many warlocks that can do incredible things with the right play style, build, and know how. The class is a lot of fun and extremely versatile allowing the Warlock to swap between pure DPS and pure Healing whenever they want!

Have any questions? Comments? You can leave a comment on this website and I’ll reply ASAP, or you can feel free to PM me in game.


I also post YouTube content here if you’re interested:

Now that Introductions are out of the way, use the tabs above to view the guide!


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